NHS Digital consults the public on data and tech

Recently, NHS Digital has published two public consultations that are of broad public interest and deserving of comprehensive feedback. They are looking to define principles and standards for the use of NHS technology and data.

I’ve summarised and linked to them below in the hope that you will take a bit of time to take part.

It’s positive that these consultations are out there for public input but sometimes they don’t get the breadth of audience, and depth of attention, that they need to be effective.

There is a strong argument for just getting high-level principles out there with some authority, especially if they are broad enough that everyone can get behind them; the Secretary of State Matt Hancock has done this recently with a policy paper:

“The future of healthcare: our vision for digital, data and technology in health and care”


The policy paper has received strong support from across the system, but to make these principles work for us we need to start “baking them in” to the way the the NHS works – at that point a bit more attention is required.

FOR REVIEW: NHS Digital, Data, and Technology Standards

Consultation open between ??-Nov-2018 and 31-Dec-2018

NHS Digital has published a draft of a new framework that will set out the core standards on technology and data by which all IT systems and digital services in the NHS must abide.


You can review and comment directly against the proposed standards on this consultation site: https://hscic.kahootz.com/connect.ti/PubNHSDDTSF/groupHome

There’s also a bit of foreword from NHS Digital here if you’re interested: https://digital.nhs.uk/about-nhs-digital/our-work/nhs-digital-data-and-technology-standards

FOR REVIEW: Data Principles

Consultation open between 26-Nov-2018 and 19-Feb-2019

NHS Digital have prepared a set of 10 high-level principles for the management of data throughout the health and care system. They will guide national approaches to data management and the design of national services. They also inform the design of new data collections and updates to the NHS Data Model and Dictionary.


You can provide feedback by way of a survey here: https://nhs-digital.citizenspace.com/clinical-data-architecture/data-principles/consultation/intro/

A word document version of the consultation can be downloaded here: https://nhs-digital.citizenspace.com/clinical-data-architecture/data-principles/supporting_documents/Data%20Principles%20Consultation%20v.1.1.docx

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